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Folklyfe is a web series which focuses on early American heritage and folk culture, and how it can be translated into a modern lifestyle. The program follows Nichole Gerding, 18th Century Food Historian, Domestic Skills Interpreter, and Proprietress of Thankful Sage Farm School. In each episode, Nichole and her family highlight a heritage skill or tradition (blacksmithing, bread making, etc.) by giving a brief history, seeking out masters and makers of said skill (when appropriate), and demonstrating how to integrate some aspect of it into everyday life.
Folklyfe’s mission is to identify and educate about heritage skills and forgotten arts for viewers to use towards a simplified lifestyle with historic underpinnings.

It is our intention to release content weekly. Two weeks of the month, there will be a larger episode which focuses on its own topic or heritage skill. The other two weeks of the month will highlight a shorter “mini-sode”. These mini-sodes will capture heritage recipes, traditions, garden minutes, and other old good things in short bite sized videos.
Our first episode will launch on March 20, 2017, the first day of Spring! It’s the season of warmth, fresh insights, and with a little work- endless possibility; a perfect start to this adventure. Please join us, like and subscribe!
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